Share A Collection Of Bookmarks With Your Team, Friends And Others

Bookmark Sharing Guide - Dropmark vs Raindrop vs vs GGather
How to import, add, save and organize articles, posts and other links in a private online board and send it to your group (teammates, colleagues, coworkers in your company, students, family and friends) using bookmark managers such as,, Dropmark and GGather ; An alternative solution to sync bookmarks between chrome and firefox & across all your devices. a multi-column dashboard is a bookmark manager that lets you organize and save webpages on a multi-column dashboard. Each column can contain multiple panels (widgets) that can hold bookmarks but also notes and other types of content. - Startpage

It's mainly used as web-based personal start page. You can create multiple bookmark pages and share them with others with a link. With paid plans you can privately share your pages and have multiple editors. - Pricing

It's available on Firefox and Chrome. Alternatively, a Bookmarklet can be used to add content on all browsers.

Customizing the page

After adding your bookmark content to the page, you can customize each list widget via the dropdown menu that can be opened with the chevron-down button: - 1. List menu - 2. Customize list

You can sort the bookmarks alphabetically by title or url and by age.

You can also change the list's layout by accessing settings from the same menu, then advanced settings: - 3. List layout - Large Icons - 4. List layout - Medium Icons List

Sharing the page

To share your bookmarks dashboard:

  1. Click the share button - 1. Share button
  2. Make the page public and send the link to the persons you want to share it with - 2. Copy the link
  3. Anyone with the link can access your dashboard without needing to register an account - 3. Access page with link - 1. Sign up
Sign up by visiting - 2. Create a new page
Create a new bookmarks page - 3. New page title
Enter the new page's title - 4. Customize the new page
Customize the new page by clicking on the pen icon - 5. Edit page & layout
Change the number of columns, background color or image - 6. Import via browser extension or from html file
Import bookmarks from html file - 7. Add content manually
Add bookmarks and other content manually a multi-platform bookmark manager

Raindrop is a bookmark manager with a multi-platform availability and a customizable and distraction-free interface. Bookmarks can be added to collections, be tagged and have custom titles, descriptions and a screenshot. - 1.

It's available as an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari, as a Bookmarklet for all browsers, as a mobile app for Android and iOS, and as desktop app for Mac (Intel and Apple chips) and Windows.

Get started by signing up with your email or via Facebook, Twitter, VK or Google by visiting the signup page. - 2. Signup page

Adding bookmarks - 3. No bookmarks

You can import your bookmarks from a bookmark html file exported from your browser or similar services. - 4. Import

You can add bookmarks to a collection either manually, with the browser extension or with the bookmarklet. - 5. Bookmark collection

Customizing the collection

A bookmark collection can be sorted alphabetically by name, by date, by popularity or by site - 6. Bookmarks sorting

A collection can be displayed using a list layout (List, Headlines) or a grid layout (Cards, Moodboard). - 7. Collection layout

Sharing the collection

To share a collection of bookmarks, Click Edit, then Sharing - 8. Share collection - 9. Send link or invite people with email

You can either invite people to view and edit the collection (they will need to register), or create a link to the collection and send it to your group. - 10. Shared collection

Dropmark: visual collections

Dropmark is a bookmark manager used to organize, collaborate, curate, and share online links, files, and notes as visual collections.

Dropmark - Collection example

It's available as a browser extension for Google Chrome & Opera, Firefox, Safari, as an iOS app as a desktop app for Mac and as a Bookmarklet.

In the free plan, the bookmark collections layout and the sorting are not customizable. Also, the bookmark title can't be changed and no additional description or tag can be added to a bookmark. In the other hand, the collections can be shared privately by email invites.

Dropmark - Plans

Bookmarks can be imported using an exported bookmark html from the import page.

Dropmark - Import

A collection can be shared by changing the visibility settings from the collection's page.

Dropmark - Access visibility settings

You can either invite collaborators by email to view it, have an unlisted link to the collection, or have it publicly visible.

Dropmark - Collection visibility

You can copy a shortlink to your collection from the advanced tab of the visibility settings.

Dropmark - Collection shortlink

Dropmark - Shared collection

GGather: tag sharing, annotations and rating

GGather is a tag-oriented bookmark manager for both private and social use that allows you to organize and save bookmarks with annotations and rating filtering.

It's available as a Chrome & Opera extension and as a Bookmarklet.

GGather - Tag page

The bookmarks can only be sorted by date or by rating, and the layout choices are very limited in the free plan. However, you can rate bookmarks and edit their title, description, add notes to them and customize their thumbnails.

GGather - Edit bookmark

To share a selection of bookmarks:

  1. Have the desired bookmarks tagged with the same tag
  2. Access this tag's settings
    GGather - Access tag settings
  3. Change the tag visibility to unlisted
    GGather - Tag visibility
  4. Copy this tag's link from the details tab and send it to your group
    GGather - Tag link

GGather - Shared collection

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