Potential Web Technologies For Web Developers to Leverage In 2024

The upcoming year is full of surprises, and many emerging technologies are expanding their roots. In this blog, we will discuss potential web development technologies for developers in 2024. These technologies will be the future and help developers bring out the best.


Web development trends are changing regularly, and web developers need to keep an eye on everything. Keeping the future in mind, 2024 will open new doors and opportunities for web developers.

These future web technologies will enable innovative software applications and websites by keeping the user experience and their fickle expectations in mind. So, here are all the technologies that web developers should be focused on in the upcoming year.

Blockchain: Security at a Global Scale

If you are looking for the most amazing and secure system of the era, blockchain will be the right pick for you. It is mostly known by being the core technology behind cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), but it has not yet been exploited to it's full potential by web developers.

Blockchain can also be used to build decentralized applications and smart contracts that can be applied to many sectors such as Finance and banking, Healthcare, Supply chain and Logistics, Education and more.

Its immutability properties ensures transactions and contracts are inherently safeguarded against any cyber attack because it's not controller by a singular authority.

We might see many more advancements in blockchain soon. Web developers are putting this technology at the forefront because it increases trust and transparency with verified and auditable information about everything. Thus, it builds a secure and safe website based on Ethereum, EOS, and Hyperledger Fabric.

Progressive Web Applications: Bring a Native Feel to Your Apps

Progressive Web Applications are web apps that provide a native-like experience with contemporary web capabilities. They fill the void left by mobile and web apps with their responsive interface, push notification functionality, and offline operation.

The PWA works on standard web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JS. Developers can use their existing skills and tools, which reduces their development time. Also, it can be deployed to the web server easily without requiring app store approval.

Perhaps the most useful application of PWAs are in mobile devices. They are small compared to native applications, and can improve the user experience by being fast and reliable.

PWA might be the best evolution you can bring to your web app in 2024.

WebAssembly (Wasm): Bring High Performance to Your System

Web development is revolutionized by a transformative technology called WebAssembly (Wasm). Because of its low-level bytecode format, high-performance applications written in C and C++ can be executed, creating new avenues for developing intricate online experiences.

Wasm excels at performance-critical tasks like gaming and media processing because of its near-native speed. Its portability makes compiled code run smoothly across platforms. Further, Wasm's sandboxing feature improves security by separating programs from the main system.

Wasm encourages the development of hybrid apps that take advantage of WebAssembly and JavaScript. Start bringing an innovative experience to the website with the help of WebAssembly.


The trending technologies change over time, and a developer should stay on top by assessing them. We have discussed some game-changing emerging web technologies that web developers can leverage for their work and profiles.

The main emphasis of these trends is on customer satisfaction, conversions, and user experience. 2024 will uplift web technologies and leverage the skills of web developers to make things hassle-free & bring additional security and safety.

Some technologies such as Generative AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing are already used by some developers to generate code and content, but is the time required to validate and fix bugs generated using these tools worth it ?

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